Who We Are

We are Uimi.

We help brands ‘do’ better.

We galvanize brands to find their unique way of not just being better but actually doing better by putting sustainability and social impact at the forefront. Our work uncovers the true essence of brands that is then built into each foundational strategy and activation. As we anchor the brand narrative in action, we guide brands to become future-proof by strengthening their relevancy and positioning.

We see the beauty of now — and what’s next.

We have a built-in think tank thanks to our Uimi Collective of specialty experts who each hold a vast amount of knowledge in the beauty and wellness spaces. We prioritize being well-informed on the current market and consumer habits so that we can adapt accordingly. We also carefully monitor the industries to anticipate shifts in culture and attitudes so that we can support our brands in shaping a cleaner and friendlier future.

We believe in the power of brands and consumers.

Brands have the unique power to leverage their resources and scale to make an impact. Simultaneously, consumers have the undeniable power to demand change from brands. We believe that solutions to the world’s issues will emerge when brands and consumers begin to openly cooperate with each other. Uimi is committed to see this future by elevating the purpose in brands and advocating meaningful action.

The Collective

Uimi has a talented cohort of specialty consultants who contribute in bringing each vision to life. Partners are carefully vetted on their skills, experience, and style of working. Most importantly, each collaborating partner aligns with Uimi’s purpose and values. The collective encompasses industry professionals who are committed to delivering quality work with utmost professionalism.

The Uimi collective consists of experts in, but not limited to,:

  • Strategy

  • Design & packaging

  • Social media & influencers

  • Digital & E-Commerce

  • Email marketing

  • Copywriting